A haven for big voices…

July 14–August 1, 2014

University of Utah, Salt Lake City

Welcome to IYDV

Born of a desire to train young dramatic singers and help them reach the world stage, the Institute is the brainchild of Dolora Zajick, Rosemary Mathews, and Sarah Agler. It is an innovative 3-week intensive summer program of study for singers with large or unusual voices ages 15–36 at varying levels of vocal development.

Students study one-on-one with leading coaches and voice teachers who understand the nature of an adolescent voice unfolding in a growing body. The Institute’s carefully selected experts from across the industry work in close collaboration not only with the students, but with each other, to provide a solid foundation of skills a professional singer really needs to embark on and survive a successful operatic career.

In 2013, the Institute developed a partnership with the Wagner Society of Washington DC. The result is the American Wagner Project offering role study, German language diction, and specialized coaching and classes for future Wagnerian singers as well as presenting annual Wagner concerts in Washington and a series of symposia.

Find out more about the Institute here.


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